Master Thesis

Students who successfully complete the first and second semesters (S1 and S2) will write their theses during the third and fourth semesters in the fields chosen in the consortium universities under the supervision of a supervisor in these universities. Taking also into consideration the needs of the private sector, attention will be paid that the thesis subjects be up-to-date and applicable in order to close the scientific gap. Each student will deliver at least one MSc seminar about their thesis topic within the third semester. Students will benefit from the facilities of the consortium countries throughout their thesis for required laboratory or office studies. Consortium member universities will cooperate to achieve this. Students who complete their thesis studies will be admitted to the thesis defense examination. The members to conduct the examination will be from the consortium universities.

A report of at least 20 pages (or submitted scientific publication) is mandatory for the thesis examination. The report must include the following sections: introduction, objectives, materials and methods, results and discussion and bibliography. In addition, a 20 minutes oral presentation of the thesis is to be delivered to a jury of three PhD level examinators.