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Curriculum Design

The design of the curriculum of the programme is of utmost importance to ensure the academic excellence of the programme. As such, the curriculum designed brings together the strong sides and best features of the consortium members. A Joint Integration Week will first be held, where students will come together under an orientation programme and introduce their culture and countries, followed by elective courses at OMU-Turkey during the first semester. Students will take courses in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at UAK-Poland and AU-Bulgaria in the second semester. Between the two semesters, a joint 7 days Field Camp will be held in OMU-Turkey. 

In the second year, students will start studying their master thesis at emiSS partner universities. In the third semester, students have to perform a seminar related with their study topic. In the fourth semester, students will complete their thesis studies and write their theses. They will defend the theses at the end of the semester in front of three jury members consisting of two members from the university where the thesis study is completed and one from the emiSS universities.

Student Agreement

emiSS - Student agreement template

Semester 1 courses

OMU Turkey
Advanced Soil Physics
Fertilizer Technology
Land Evaluation
RS&GIS in Soil Science
Scientific Research Methods and Ethics
Soil Analyses Techniques
Soil and Water Conservation Techniques
Soil Classification Systems
Soil Microbiology
Soil Pollution

Semester 2 courses

AU Bulgaria UAK Poland
Agrochemistry Anthropogenic Soils
Mineral nutrition in organic farming Ecopedogy
Plant Nutrition and Metabolism Environmental Soil Quality
Soil fertility and fertilization Introduction To Geology And Geomorphology
Toxic substances in food Micromorph. and Phys. Meth. of Soil Samp. and Analyses
Еcochemidtry of heavy metals Soil Geography and Soil Resources of the World